'Breaking Dawn' Trailer: 5 Best Moments

OH. MY. EDWARD. Let's talk about that "Breaking Dawn" trailer.

On Friday, we put together our wish list of things we hoped would be in the MTV Movie Awards teaser, and for the most part our desires came true. There was sex (because, really, how could there not be?), dramatic shirt-slinging and the best pregnancy reveal we've ever seen in a movie trailer. Can it be November 18 already please?

We went through the trailer and compiled a list of the five juiciest "Breaking Dawn" teasers, and trust me when I say some of them are enough to make even a vampire's blood run hot. Click on after the jump to check them out and make sure to watch that trailer over and over (and over and over) again.

The Invitation

See, we told you our red carpet "Breaking Dawn" exclusive would be a good tease! The Bella and Edward wedding invitation was featured about a bazillion times in the trailer, and we got a chance to look at it first hand and scoop as many details as we could from its lavender-bordered page. But that leads us into our next point: holy cow, those Volturi!

Volturi Are Invited

It was a bit of a surprise to see that the "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" trailer—which, at least in terms of the book's plot, does not include the Volturi—opened with a shot of a wedding invitation being brought to Volterra. That confirms the fact the Volturi will remain a present part of the series like they did in "Eclipse," even though they don't technically show up until the end of "Part 2." And it sure was nice to see Michael Sheen, Jamie Campbell Bower and Christopher Heyerdahl again.

Jacob Is Upset

Someone who wasn’t quite as pleased as Aro about that event invite was poor slighted Jacob Black. Storming angrily out of his house into the rain and throwing the wedding invitation into the muddy ground, Jacob dramatically tears off his shirt and transforms in our first glimpse of director Bill Condon's werewolves. Score one for our first glimpse of Taylor Lautner shirtless. This time.

Goodbye Headboard

Okay, so we're a little bummed (read: inconsolably disappointed) that no one was covered in feathers in this teaser, but we did get a pretty awesome shot of Edward breaking a headboard while making sweet, sweet love to Bella Swan. Oh, and then they decide to have a nice naked sexy swim under a waterfall on Isle Esme. And then he continues to watch her sleep while playing with her hair. The cutest ever or the cutest ever?

Baby Bump Reveal

Hands down, though, the best moment in the entire trailer has to be the reveal of Bella's pregnancy. "That's impossible," Bella whispers as she checks out her slight baby bump in the mirror, and then her body convulses in something straight out of "Alien" or "Rosemary's Baby." Cut to Edward's terrified face, back to Bella looking nervous, and you have yourselves the first "Breaking Dawn" teaser trailer.

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What did you think of the "Breaking Dawn" trailer?