Taylor Lautner Cameos In Aziz Ansari Action Flick?

Taylor Lautner is in "30 Minutes or Less." Or at least that's what Aziz Ansari wants you to think.

In truth, the young "Twilight" star is not in the upcoming summer comedy (we can confirm it since we saw the movie last night), but at last night's Sneak Peek Week chat with Aziz, Nick Swardson and director Ruben Fleischer, the cast wanted the audience to think they had seen something they hadn't.

"He's in it!" Aziz said when MTV News' Josh Horowitz asked him about last year's rumors that TayTay was in the flick. "He plays a bum," Nick added quickly.

The rumor started last summer when some news sites began saying Ruben was planning another cameo along the lines of Bill Murray in "Zombieland" with Grand Rapids-native Taylor. He remained mum on the issue when we asked him about it, but it turns out the cameo never actually happened.

Aziz would like the rumor to stay afloat, though. "People like him, right? Just say he's in the movie," Aziz joked. "'That Lautner cameo is dope, man! You gotta see that movie with Taylor Lautner!' I'm just going to say that at the MTV Movie Awards. 'Taylor Lautner's in "30 Minutes or Less." Good night!'"

Who knows, maybe they'll sneak in a special Team Jacob reference after the credits, but we wouldn't place our bets on it. At least the idea is out there for creative minds to think up, though!

The MTV Movie Awards air Sunday, June 5 at 9/8 C!

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