Kristen Stewart: Sandwiched Between Taylor & Rob At The MTV Movie Awards?

Deciding where people sit at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards sounds like one fun job, but it's also like trying to piece together a very complex puzzle. So, kind of difficult. With only one day until host Jason Sudeikis kicks the party off at the Gibson Amphitheatre in lovely Los Angeles, MTV News is beginning to put the pieces of that seating puzzle together.

So, how does it get decided that these folks will end up sitting near one another? "It's like a puzzle," Talent Ticketing Seating Manager Stephan Lenart graciously explained. "I definitely pay attention to it. You kind of have to for this group."

Knowing what the fans want probably explains why “Twilight”'s distinguished love triangle, Kristen, Rob and Taylor, are sitting near each other at the big show. We're definitely excited to see those moments.

In our gallery of MTV Movie Awards behind-the-scenes photos, we have lots of fun little images — including one showing off where “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” star Shia LaBeouf will be sitting, and it seems it's not too far away from his very beautiful co-star in the summer blockbuster Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. As it turns out the two also look like they won't be far from former Movie Awards host Aziz Ansari and McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey.

MTV Movie Awards seating

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