'Breaking Dawn' Teaser Trailer: 5 Things We're Dying To See

Unless you've abandoned proper society to take up with a pack of wolves living deep in the heart of a Washington forest, you've likely heard the big news that Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will premiere the first "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" trailer at this Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. (Yeah, we're squeeeeing too!)

We've already gotten the tiniest of sneak peeks thanks to a ridiculously short clip of Bella and Edward's wedding day, but we're definitely ready to sink our teeth into more footage. A lot more footage. So, in anticipation of the teaser trailer's debut, we've compiled a list of the five things (in priority order!) that we're dying to see in the trailer. Check it out after the jump and leave your own wish list in the comments!

1. Edward's mostly naked body covered in feathers

We're normally a very classy blog, but we're going to drop all pretenses for a moment: WE WANT TO SEE SEX. Or, at the very least, what's allowed in a PG-13 flick. We bought out our Home Depot's electric fan department in anticipation of all that steam.

2. Bella's baby bump

And then there's the result of those aforementioned activities. Since we won't get to meet Renesmee in the first installment, it'd be fun to at least see her in utero in the teaser trailer. Plus, catching a glimpse of normally svelte Kristen popping would be priceless.

3. Jacob becomes an alpha

For Jacob, the preceding three movies have all been leading up to this: him taking his rightful place as the head of his pack. Now, if he were to do that shirtless, even better.

4. Bella's blood-red eyes

Would it be too much to ask for a taste of Bella's inevitable transition? Pretty please, Summit!

5. The wedding dress...all of it

We've peeked the head piece and her wedding bling, but we're ready to see the entire shebang—from multiple angles. How else are we to judge Alice's styling skills?

After the trailer debuts at the MTV Movie Awards, head over to Your MTV to upload your enthusiastic, giddy and/or in-depth video responses. We want to hear from you! (And you could just find yourself featured on MTV.com come Monday!)

What do you hope to see in the "Breaking Dawn" teaser trailer? Will you be submitting a video reaction? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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