'The Help' EXCLUSIVE Clip: Emma Stone Has A Big Idea

Emma Stone's having one jam-packed summer. The "Easy A" star has not one, not two, but three movies coming out ("Crazy, Stupid, Love," "The Help" and "Friends With Benefits"), plus she's shooting a quiet, coming-of-age-tale about a boy who becomes a spider. Yet, despite her busy schedule, Emma, along with cast mate Bryce Dallas Howard, stopped by for Sneak Peek Week to debut an EXCLUSIVE clip from her upcoming drama, "The Help," and answer your questions!

"The Help" follows Emma's character Skeeter (no, she's not a Muppet Baby—it's a nickname) as she writes a book about the trials and tribulations of black maids in the South during the '60s.

In this scene, Skeeter does her darnedest to convince Aibileen (played by Oscar nominee Viola Davis) to be featured in her book (and essentially air her employers' dirty laundry). So much intrigue!

Click play on the clip above to see the entire Sneak Peek!

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