Elizabeth Reaser Calls 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Stressful Yet Magical

by Kelly Foley

A certain hotly anticipated wedding may give the royals a run for their money (so to speak). "Twilight" fans have been waiting for this magical day since the first flick hit theaters, and now that a sneak peek of Bella and Edward’s wedding has been released for our enjoyment (or torture, if you want more than 15 seconds), Twilighters may argue that this is the wedding of the century (sorry, Will and Kate).

But creating the eagerly awaited nuptials wasn’t as dreamy and romantic as it looks on screen. In addition to sharing with us what it’s like saying goodbye to "Twilight," Elizabeth Reaser, a.k.a. Esme Cullen (mommy vampire), revealed during our Sneak Peek Week that filming the wedding was as fun, yet difficult, as a real wedding. Wait, you mean it ISN’T real?

"The wedding scene was like a real wedding in that it was very stressful," she said. "It took a lot of planning, a lot of organization, and [choosing] the dresses, that was all stuff we were really dealing with as you would if you were planning a real wedding."

Of course, filming this part of the movie wasn’t going to happen undisturbed. In the several days it took to shoot, the production was often disrupted by crazy paparazzi and difficult wardrobe demands.

"There was an added element of nervousness when we were shooting that, maybe because there were helicopters above and people jumping out of trees with cameras, but it was definitely a heightened couple of days on set," Elizabeth told us. "The only difference is it just kept going on and it wouldn’t end because it took several days to shoot. At a certain point you just don’t want to be in a corset anymore, you know. You just can’t be in a corset and stilettos for another moment."

Corsets and stilettos are a small price to pay for a front row seat at the ceremony, don’t you think? The romantic setting filled with flower petals and greenery made it almost too real for the actress.

"Seeing Kristen walk down the aisle with Billy Burke… and seeing her really be nervous, and see Rob really be nervous, and the two of them, and the families coming together, it was an emotional day for real."

Perhaps this foreshadows a real Robsten wedding in the future? (One can only hope!)

"It was really magical, and you know vampires aren’t supposed to cry, and that created a real obstacle for all of us vampires," she added.

Don’t worry, we’ll sob enough for all of you.

The Bella and Edward wedding is so close, yet so far away! Be sure to catch an EXCLUSIVE first look at "Breaking Dawn" during the MTV Movie Awards airing Sunday, June 5 at 9/8 C!

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