Elizabeth Reaser On Saying Goodbye To 'Twilight'

You know that saying, "It ain't over until the fat lady sings"? Well, for the "Twilight" cast it's more like, "It ain't over until the vampires leave the dance floor." At least according to Cullen matriarch Esme (a.k.a. actress Elizabeth Reaser). When we chatted with the star at last night's "The Art of Getting By" Sneak Peek Week event alongside cast mates Emma Roberts and Michael Angarano, the "Twilight" star recalled her final days (and then final, final days) on the "Breaking Dawn" set.

"There was a lot of emotion," Elizabeth told our own Josh Horowitz. "It was so crazy. I mean, seven months—we were in Louisiana and Canada, and we had been through so much weather craziness. It was a really hard, long shoot. And we were all sort of in denial of it the whole time because it just wouldn't end. It kept going and going. And then suddenly, we were doing this dance scene on the dance floor at the wedding reception. And then it was just over."

Except, it wasn't over for a few of the Saga's stars (including Elizabeth) who spent the next few weeks shooting stunts.

"Kellan [Lutz], Fac [Peter Facinelli] and Jackson [Rathbone] and Ashley [Greene] and me had to stay for second unit for two more weeks, so then it was this kind of anti-climactic thing where we weren't really done, and we were there and we were just doing stunts for two weeks. And then we were like, okay, bye."

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