Lenny Kravitz As 'Hunger Games'' Cinna: Experts, Fans React

I would be none too surprised if "Hunger Games" casting director Debra Zane has a sofa full of pillows embroidered with the mantra "You can't please everyone." Or perhaps a fridge festooned with similarly inspirational magnets. Because let's face it, casting Suzanne Collins' dystopian thriller has been an exercise in differing opinions from the very beginning. Maybe even before the beginning. So it's simply par for the course that the latest big-name casting (Lenny Kravitz as costumer Cinna) is creating a divide among experts and fans.

We checked in with some of our "Hunger Games" fansite friends to get a read on the fandom's temperature following the news.

"Some people were like, 'This came out of left field!' But I think he's going to do great," Pauline Hughes of The Hob said. "Fan reactions have been a broad range of the spectrum. Some people absolutely hate it. They don't see him as that role at all. Some people are really, really happy with it."

One person who's jazzed about the casting is "Hunger Games" Examiner Sara Gundell who said that Lenny fits how she imagined the beloved designer.

"He certainly looks the part, at least in my mind, how I pictured Cinna," she said. "Lenny Kravitz totally fits that mental image I had. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Part of me thinks it's a little crazy. Like I said, I haven't seen Lenny Kravitz in anything. I'm trusting that he can act."

The rocker's acting chops seem to be a common concern, though many—like "Hunger Games" Fireside Chat host Adam Spunberg—feel that Lenny has what it takes to shine as Cinna.

"I guess the real question people have is, you know, what acting experience does Lenny Kravitz have? I'm confident that he can pull it off and do a really fantastic job," Adam said. "Every time people read a book, they have this vision in their head of a character, and I don't think that vision was Lenny Kravitz, per se. So when they first heard it I think it was a shock... I'm sensing that overnight, in just a few hours, people are now pretty on board with it."

What do you think "Hunger Games" fans? Are you on board with Lenny as Cinna? Give us your opinion in the comments and on Twitter!