FIRST LOOK: Jennifer Lawrence As 'Hunger Games'' Katniss! You Like?

Back when the news broke that 20-year-old Jennifer Lawrence had snagged the role of Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming "Hunger Games" movie, some fans were slightly un-thrilled with the casting decision. (And by "slightly un-thrilled," we mean "we thought they might actually stage their own District revolt, string director Gary Ross up by his toenails and pelt him with old fruit until he vowed to take it back." Some people were MAD!)

But today, Entertainment Weekly peeped its exclusive first look at Jennifer as Katniss—in full Games regalia and sporting a mane of newly-dyed brunette hair—and we predict that even the loudest naysayers are going to shut their complainey mouths right quick.

Because you guys. You GUYS. Girlfriend looks unfreakingbelievable.

Granted, it's still possible that some people will think she's too pretty—since as a supposedly starving teenager living in the Appalachian dystopia of District 12, Katniss isn't necessarily supposed to be so easy on the eyes. But between the bang-up job of the film's stylist and Jennifer's own dedication to the role (including serious, hardcore archery training to convincingly play a hunter), we admit it: We're totally sold on her as our heroine. Let the Games begin! But first, tell us: What do you think of this sneak peek at Big-Screen Katniss Everdeen? Vote in our poll below!

Wondering what Jennifer will look like in her other Panem frocks? Take a look at our mock-up gallery!

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