'Mortal Instruments' Eyes Jamie Campbell Bower, More For Jace Role: What's Your Take?

The search for snarky Shadowhunter Jace Wayland is heating up! Three actors reportedly met with Screen Gems last week to screen test opposite star Lily Collins, who will play Clary Fray in the big-screen adaptation of "The Mortal Instruments" novel "City of Bones."

According to The Wrap, Jamie Campbell Bower ("Breaking Dawn"), Ed Speleers ("Eragon") and newcomer Leebo Freeman are all lead contenders for the love interest role. No mention was made in the report of fan favorites Alex Pettyfer (who recently signed on to strip opposite Channing Tatum) and "Red Riding Hood" star Max Irons.

Now, I've been an unabashed supporter of Alex's from the very beginning, so I'm not sure how I feel about these other contenders. Jamie already has two, HUGE book adaptations to his name ("Harry Potter" and "Twilight"), so it's a bit hard for me to imagine him taking on yet another franchise, though that's not to say he wouldn't excel in the role. Yet, he's not quite how I imagined Jace to look. Ed has been gaining steam in the "TMI" community of late, and he certainly has the stunning, yet angelic face to pull off Jace. Then there's Leebo, who's a wild card, but from a thorough Google Image search (hard job, I know), I can tell he is an equally stunning specimen of the male variety. (Those cheekbones could carve deli meats!) But can he act?

Which leaves me asking you, fellow "TMI" fans, which actor do you want to see play Jace? Vote in our poll below!