Hotties Alert! Alex Pettyfer To Strip Alongside Channing Tatum In 'Magic Mike'

TGIF, ladies—and here's some news that'll make your morning! Deadline reported late yesterday that Alex Pettyfer, also known 'round these parts as His Royal Harbodied Blondness, has been cast in the ingenue role in Steven Soderbergh's "Magic Mike"—a film based on the real-life experiences of Channing Tatum—in which he and Channing will both play male strippers.



No, we are not making this up. And obviously, this can only mean one thing: Somewhere out there, a Hollywood producer has developed the ability to read our minds AND made it his business to personally fulfill all of our most desperate desires like some sort of modern-day, mildly perverted Fairy Godfather. (Speaking of which, we would also like a pony, a date with Hunter Parrish and a year's supply of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Thanks, dude!)

Alex will star as a young newcomer to the stripping business, with Channing playing his mentor in the title role of Magic Mike (a name we can't say out loud without guffawing, but who has time to complain about titles when there are hot unclothed men to ogle?). Based on Channing's brief stint as an exotic dancer at age 19, the movie depicts the friendship that develops between the two men... who ultimately cement their bestie bond in a 90-minute nude dancing montage with lots of incidental touching and multiple camera angles and close-ups of Alex Pettyfer's buttocks.

No, that's not actually in the script—but Hollywood Fairy Godfather, if you're listening, then that's what we want.

But seriously, how hot is this movie going to be?! Go wild in the comments and on Twitter!