'Vampire Diaries' Season Two: 5 Most OMG! Moments

Excuse us, we're still trying to pick ourselves off the floor after watching last night's epic season finale of "Vampire Diaries." Seriously, we didn't think anything could match the twists and turns that led to season one's cliffhanger, but somehow the writers managed to surprise us yet again—this time with ghosts, gun shots and an evil Stefan.

Perhaps we should have expected last night's mindwarp. After all, this entire season has been filled with jaw-dropping moments we never saw coming. So in honor of all the surprises "TVD" writers have thrown our way this season, we've come up with a list of the top five that shocked us the most. Buckle up and check them out after the jump.

5. Uncle Mason Gets His Heart Ripped Out

Maybe it was naive of us, but we never considered that the writers would kill Uncle Mason (Taylor Kinney), so early in the game. He was just sooo pretty. Of course, just as we were starting to get comfortable with the character (and his six-pack), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) decided to rip his (and our!) heart out.

4. Jenna Dies...Twice

We had a sneaking suspicion that Jenna (Sara Canning) was going to meet her demise this season...but we never predicted it would be as a vampire. Sure, we toyed with the idea, but we simply didn't think the writers would go there and then, when they finally did, we thought "Okay...she's totally going to survive. The writers wouldn't just turn her to kill her would they?" They would and they did (with a whole lot of heartbreak in between).

3. Klaus Takes Over Alaric's Body

We knew early on that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) was diabolical, but even we didn't think he had it in him to pull off this crazy maneuver. Klaus taking over Alaric's (Matt Davis) body was pure madness and we loved every second of it.

2. Caroline Turns Into A Vampire

The show hit the ground running with the very first episode of this season when Caroline (Candice Accola) turned into a vampire—a brilliant move that effectively changed the course of the character and the show.

1. Anna and Vicki Return (As Ghosts)

When Jeremy said he felt a little strange after coming back to life (for the second time this season!), we knew something was up. But NEVER (not even once!) did we expect it to be the return of Anna (Malese Jow) and Vicki (Kayla Ewell) as GHOSTS. Talk about a great season-ender!

Did our list cover all of your favorite shocking moments from season two? Let us know which twists rocked you most in the comments below and on Twitter!