'Vampire Diaries' Star Nina Dobrev On Finale: 'We Leave A Lot Of Ends Untied'

Is Damon going to meet his second (and final) demise? How will Alaric cope in the wake of Jenna's death? Are Caroline and Tyler going to hook up already, or what? We're left with soooo many questions after last week's epic "Vampire Diaries" episode, "The Sun Also Rises." But according to star Nina Dobrev, we shouldn't expect many of our burning queries to be answered during tomorrow's season finale.

"It's the 'Vampire Diaries.' There's always going to be a cliffhanger," Nina teased when Hollywood Crush sat down with her recently. As avid fans, this response hardly comes as a surprise, but what can you tell us about the episode, Nina?

"This one is complicated because, I mean, I can't give away too much at all really, but there's so many different story lines and people that are intertwined," she said. "And...we leave a lot of ends untied so that there's obviously something to tune in to next year and there's a whole other world to delve in to next year."

Ah, you must be referring to the "year of the Originals." Which, really, only brings to mind MORE questions. Thanks a lot, Nina.

What are you theories about tomorrow's season finale? What questions do you NEED to have answered? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!