'Glee' Recap: 'Prom Queen'

Grab your corsages and boutonnieres, Gleeks, it's time to discuss last night's prom-tastic episode of "Glee"! Now, let's break it down by the couples who broke it down together on the dance floor during "Prom Queen":

Mercedes and Sam...and Rachel and....Jesse?!

Opting for a prom on a budget, Mercedes and Rachel asked Sam to be the man in their prom sandwich. But before the trio can even make it to the McKinley High dance, an old face popped into the picture and made it a double date. When Rachel began to sing Adele's powerful "Rolling in the Deep" (even Lea Michele's amazing pipes couldn't go near this one) in the auditorium, Jesse St. James emerged out of nowhere (welcome back, Jonathan Groff...and did you just say "s--t" on TV?!). He explained that not only has he failed out of college, but he came to the realization that he messed up big time with her. She—rather quickly might we add—took him back and brought him to the prom, a move that doesn't sit will with Finn. When Rachel stepped to the mic (New Directions were asked to be the prom's source of music) to sing the out-of-place, but nevertheless awesome "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri, you can tell she was singing it for Finn, who it obviously struck a chord with...

Finn and Quinn

...because Finn punched Jesse's lights out! When he got a glimpse of Rachel on the dance floor with her shady ex, he started a shoving match with Jesse that ended in a full-on brawl. Finn, along with Jesse, was kicked out of the prom by the chaperoning Sue Sylvester, thereby dashing Quinn's dreams of being prom queen. Despite the fact that there's still next year to win the title (they are only juniors, after all), Quinn slapped Rachel in the bathroom. And, in true "Glee" fashion, the two resolved their differences almost instantly.

Puck and Lauren

Quinn may not have schemed to win the crown, but her other ex, Puck most certainly did. With date Lauren by his side, Puck recruited a heartbroken Artie—who, despite his well-intentioned rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" to Brittany, attended prom alone after she turned him down—to spike the punch and get people to vote for him while he distracted Sue with a seductive dance. After he, Artie, and Sam do a lively version of Rebecca Black's "Friday" (great, now it's stuck in my head again!), their plan went awry. Word to the wise: Don't conduct any tomfoolery at your prom around Sue Sylvester. Not unless you want a scary trip to the dentist.

Santana and Karofsky

Santana's evil planning to take the prom glory did, however, work. Well, to a degree. After they spent the week doing security detail on their anti-bully task force, the in-denial pair hit the prom. Their plan to appear as heroes worked because Karofsky (who broke down earlier in the ep and apologized to Kurt) was named McKinley High's prom king! And speaking of Kurt...

Kurt and Blaine

Kurt had every intention of making his prom a night to remember. He helped his lady glee-mates pick out their dresses, picked out his own snazzy outfit with a kilt (or as his step-brother Finn lovingly referred to it, "Gay Braveheart") and even got his boyfriend Blaine to attend, despite his reluctance from his own traumatic prom experience. At first, everything went just fine. Blaine, despite not being a student at McKinley, hopped on stage to perform the indie head-bopper "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You" by Black Kids. But it all went sour when, after reading Karofsky's name for prom king, Principal Figgins announced Kurt had been elected prom queen by his classmates.

Now, I ask you Crushers, what principal would ever go through with that, knowing it was nothing more than a cruel joke? After a moment of feeling humiliated, Kurt, being ever the crusader that Ryan Murphy has made him to be, returned to wear his crown with pride ("Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton," he told his suddenly supportive schoolmates), urged Karofsky to come out (he didn't) and danced with his boyfriend to Mercedes, Santana and Tina's version of the disco classic "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. Still, I give Chris Colfer all the credit in the world, because no matter what the material, he knocks it out of the park every time. Sure, he's the "prom queen," but the title he deserves next is Emmy-winner.

While this episode wasn't as strong—or cohesive—as last week's "Rumours," "Prom Queen" certainly had its moments, especially some notably hilarious ones. How funny were the show's self-aware jabs at the awfulness that was their first season covers like "Run Joey Run" and the "Hair/Crazy in Love" mash-up? Did you hold your stomach when Sue revealed she wore Spanx? And did you have to rewind your DVR because you giggled too loudly over Mercedes' reaction to the tune "Isn't She Lovely": "I thought this song was about a baby?!" Keep bringing the funny, "Glee"!

We'll have to wait and see how long Jesse sticks around, if at all, and if Finn is finally going to try to win Rachel back. But, until then, we've always got Lea's version of "Jar of Hearts" to blast on repeat!

Watch Jim Cantiello's musical "Glee"-cap below!

What did you think of this week's prom-themed ep of "Glee," Crushers? Were you disappointed or did it make you want to get up and dance with delight? Let us know in the comments section below and on Twitter!