'Hunger Games' Reaps District 10 Tributes Jeremy Marinas, Dakota Hood

Well, I called it. Whether my prediction that District 2 would be reaped last stems from potent prognostication powers or an all-seeing eye on par with the Capitol's, I'll never tell. But suffice it to say, we have a new pair of tributes to welcome to the "Hunger Games" arena that are NOT from the weapons-manufacturing region.

Jeremy Marinas and Dakota Hood have been cast as the unnamed contenders from District 10, according to the film's official Facebook page. Like many of his fellow tributes, Jeremy has a stunt background, having appeared in "The Green Hornet," "The Expendables" and "The Mechanic." You may also recognize him from acting roles in "The LXD: The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers" and "Community." Dakota's resume is much more sparse, with only one credit: "Scripture Cake: A Southern Cuisine Movie." Sounds interesting. (On a side note, a Google search of her name produces more images of Dodge automobiles than I care to peruse.) Although according to the YouTubes, she appears to be a budding singer.

So here we are, left with only District 2 tributes Cato and Clove in limbo. Any wild guesses as to whom Lionsgate will tap for these pivotal parts? My ridiculously random votes go to Kellan Lutz for Cato and one-time Katniss hopeful Lyndsy Fonseca for Clove. Again, RIDICULOUSLY RANDOM.

Okay, "Hunger Games" gang. What say you? What do you think about District 10's recruits? And who do you think will represent District 2? Any and all crazy, kooky casting picks welcome.