'90210' Recap: 'The Prom Before The Storm'

Is there anyone worse than Adrianna? While we once could get mild pleasure from her ridiculous attempts at becoming a pop star (along with a shameless reality show and ridiculous entourage), ever since she began hurting those she once cared about I can't even come close to justifying her actions. She's deliberately harming Silver's health and well being, and getting away with it because no one thinks to believe the girl who's been locked up in the psych ward.

With only one more episode to go, this messy love triangle is the most deserving of immediate resolution, especially given how Aid's lie that Navid kissed her led Silver to question his intentions and break up with him. (Snap out of it, both of you! Go with what you do remember, and most importantly what you know: Aid has always been the crazy one. Look back on three seasons for proof.). I know what I'd like to see right before next week's credits roll: Aid headed far, far away. I hear there are many more opportunities in the reality show scene in New York City. Or better yet, with Cousin Emily. "Adrianna in the Ozarks"? Now that's a show people would watch.

Naomi continued her evolution from shallow popular girl to shallow popular girl who cares about her school work (or cares about doing enough to pass and keep her acceptance to CU). She showed grace under pressure by banging out a 10-page manifesto on the French Revolution mere hours before prom night, thanks to the help of energy drinks, candy and her cheerleader Max. (Surprisingly the late-night cram session was all business. Nerd keeps a very strict schedule.) After all that hard work, Naomi deserved to celebrate even if the decor for West Bev's fete was channeling a "bad acid trip" (thank you, Ivy). I was drooling over her stunning white gown and flawless hair and makeup, but that's to be expected; her prom look was predestined (as was her winning Prom Queen and setting the precedent for acceptance speeches). Naomi reveled in her moment with Prom King Teddy, before celebrating with her real king. (Also, Teddy and Marco shared a sweet slow dance and the world around them didn't stop. Look how far these kids have come!)

But there's nothing like a crabby old history teacher accusing you of plagiarism to rip you out of your natural prom high. Turns out that her boyfriend took serious liberty with his spelling and grammar check, rendering it completely unrecognizable to her original. I understand his desire for her to succeed—and perhaps his own inability to resist editing or letting go of all control—but his actions made it seem like he wasn't confident she could pass on her own. Dumb move, nerd. Not only have you jeopardized her future, but you've likely ruled out any chance at late night cram sessions at Casa Clark. Is the offer to M.I.T. still on the table?

Dixon was given the most he's had to do in weeks, by taking over Silver's co-chair position on prom committee, and he totally made my heart swell (not once but twice). He successfully stabilized Harper, the tightly wound school dance dictator, and even managed to make her feel like a queen for the night with a special slow dance at prom. Earlier, when Debbie revealed the kids wouldn't be able to afford their private schools (Pepperdine and Carnegie Mellon) he told Annie he'd go to community college if it meant she could go to CMU. What a good brother. That definitely negates his lack of fashion sense ("I'm a dude and I'm your brother. I don't have an opinion.") The Wilson kids not getting to go to their respective colleges was a realistic obstacle, but pretty obvious in how it would turn out (Annie selling Marla's necklace to fund both their tuition). But who knew Marla would leave her entire estate to her young protege? Finally, hanging out with all those strangers is paying off!

Normally I'd be cynical about Raj and Ivy's impulsive decision to tie the knot (how many high school dramas have done high school weddings, and how many have worked out?) but I couldn't help but hold back tears during their emotional scenes together. After learning his cancer had progressed to stage four and he'd need more aggressive rounds of chemotherapy, Raj and Ivy realized they wanted to be together forever, however long that may be. Yes they're young, but Ivy has come along way since meeting him (she's kind of had to), and I've grown to like her more in the second half of this season than ever before. Will they go through with the ceremony next week? Will she still go on her surf tour?

Was the West Beverly prom all you expected and more? Whose dress did you love and who was the most awkward dancer? (My vote goes to Harper.) Will Adrianna finally get voted off the island? Will Naomi forgive Max? More importantly, will she graduate? Only one more episode to go, so make your presence known down in the comments and on Twitter!