Stanley Tucci Snags Role Of Caesar Flickerman In 'The Hunger Games'

The tributes have been reaped (for the most part), the Gamemaker is in place and Effie Trinket is on her way to escort the unlucky teens from District 12 to the Capitol...all of which is to say, the "Hunger Games" movie is well on its way to having a complete cadre of players. But there are still several supporting roles up for grabs, and word came today via the flick's official Facebook page, that another Panem bigwig has been cast: Caesar Flickerman, the charismatic host of the televised interviews that precede the Hunger Games, will be played by none other than Stanley Tucci.

(Or, as my husband gleefully shouts every time Stanley appears on screen, "THE TOOCH!")

Stanley's latest film appearances range from "Julie & Julia" (in which he was utterly charming) to "The Lovely Bones" (in which he gave a performance so creepy that all our nightmares for the next three weeks were exclusively Tucci-based), so we're thrilled to see such a versatile actor get tapped to play the Oprah of the dystopian futureworld. And even better, with these supporting roles filling up quickly, the start of filming should be just around the corner—along with (please, oh, please) leaked photos from the post-apocalyptic set.

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