'Something Borrowed' Author Emily Giffin Promises Your Boyfriend Will Enjoy The Movie Too!

As any fan of a beloved book that's being made into a movie can tell you: expectations are high. Remember how you felt before "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" hit the big screen?! But imagine the anxiety you'd feel if it was a book you wrote getting the Tinseltown treatment?

That's exactly what happened to author Emily Giffin, who penned the 2005 best-seller "Something Borrowed." With an all-star cast (Kate Hudson, John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin, Colin Egglesfield) and a top-notch producer (Hilary Swank), the rom-com adaptation hits theaters today!

Hollywood Crush caught up with Emily to discuss what it felt like to see the characters she'd created come to life on the big screen, why fans won't be disappointed with the flick and how guys will love it too (and it's not just because of Kate and Ginnifer!).

Emily told us that before the cameras even got rolling on "Something Borrowed," she was "pretty involved in every aspect [of the movie.]" But any fears about her work getting interpreted incorrectly were quickly put to rest when she saw who would be in it.

"More than anything, the casting was an incredible relief to me. They got it right. It's the characters that are the most important," Emily told us. The writer went on to explain the A-listers didn't just look the part, but they each turned out great performances.

"The chemistry between these actors is so great," Emily said. So great, in fact, that they made the story—about a woman (Ginnifer) whose relationship with her best friend (Kate) gets complicated when she sleeps with (and falls for) her fiance (Colin)—feel brand new to the writer.

"About two-thirds of the the way through the movie I had this feeling, this tension of wanting to know what happens. I was nervous for the characters. I realized in that moment I'd sort of forgotten that I was the writer of the book, and I was so lost in the performances I forgot while I was watching it that I wrote the book!" the author admitted.

Emily promised us that it's so good, in fact, girls can even bring their boyfriends along (the author insisted it's not simply a chick flick). "I think men are gonna love it because it's funny and it's relatable. People sometimes say romantic comedies belongs to women, but that's like saying relationships belong to women. Men want [to see] stories about relationships," she said.

Whether or not the guy in your life goes gaga for "SoBo," if you're a fan of the book, it really won't matter. The author (who also wrote the follow-up "Something Blue," which is expected to be made into a movie as well) promised the people behind the flick, including director Luke Greenfield, had the book's loyal fans best interests at heart. "We wanted to make the readers happy," Emily said.

The final result? "The tone [of the book] doesn't get lost...they did a really good job. It's a smart romantic comedy."

Are you going to check out "Something Borrowed" in theaters this weekend, Crushers? Are you glad to hear that it stays true to the book? Let us know in the comments section below and on Twitter!