Is 'Delirium' The Dystopian Novel For You?

We're nearing the homestretch of our week-long love affair with dystopia. (Well, I mean, we always have and will love dystopia, but we've been giving it some extra-special attention during our first-ever Dystopian Week.) Anyway...over the past few days we've taken a look at several fine examples of the genre, from the already classic "Hunger Games" to the just-released "Divergent," and today we're drawing a big red heart around one of the newest entries: Lauren Oliver's "Delirium." Is it the dystopian novel for you? Read on!

Evil Empire: More than 60 years ago, the president, in conjunction with the Consortium, deemed love a disease, amor deliria nervosa, and have been working to eradicate it ever since. Of course, they haven't been wholly successful, meaning "Invalids" exist beyond the realms of formal society.

Main Form of Oppression: Following their 18th birthday, each citizen undergoes a lobotomy-like procedure to cure themselves of the dreaded disease. Spouses (and vocations) are assigned by the government and rules of hygiene are communicated through the laughable "Safety, Health and Happiness Handbook" (also known as "The Book of Shhh").

Girl Rebel: 17-year-old orphan Lena Haloway is mere months away from her procedure when she meets...

Boy Rebel: Alex, a mysterious security guard at the lab, who already bears the scar of the prescribed surgery.

How They Fight Against the Man: There's not much we can reveal without being completely spoilery, but let's just say things aren't as they seem and that love will inspire our heroine to do things she never dreamed possible.

Metaphor for the Real World: Love is transforming. Love is awesome. We love love.

Who Should Read This: Similar to my "Matched" recommendation, those looking for romance first and an action-packed dystopian tale second should pick up a copy of this novel. Also, if you like a good cry (because I guarantee tears).

Have you read "Delirium"? What are some of your favorite dystopian novels?