'Hunger Games' Gains A Gamemaker: Wes Bentley Cast As Seneca Crane

Now that all but three districts' tributes have been reaped (read: cast) for the upcoming "Hunger Games" movie, it's about time we found out which Capitol-dwelling baddie would be orchestrating the deadly competition! And today, we've got him: Wes Bentley—best-known to most of us as the dark, beautiful boy next door from "American Beauty"—has officially signed on for the role of Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane.

For those who've forgotten, Seneca Crane was charged with the planning and execution of the 74th Hunger Games (and—SPOILER ALERT!—was later executed for a decision that allowed a loophole in the Games). So we're excited to see a familiar face in the role...not to mention thrilled to see Wes getting some screen time in a major film, after his promising turn in "American Beauty" gave way to a decade-long languishing in B-movie limbo. (Seriously, nothing will ever match the horrifying devastation of turning on the TV at three in the morning only to see the talented hottie playing a parking-garage-dwelling nutcase in the unspectacular horror flick "P2." Wes, you're so much better than that!)

With casting announcements rolling in almost every day, we should have a complete Panem population in short order—so place your bets now about who'll join the cast next! (My money's on Zeljko Ivanek as President Snow.)

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