Nina Dobrev Says Tonight's 'Vampire Diaries' Ep Will Be 'Very Sad, Epic'

"Vampire Diaries" executive producer Julie Plec wasn't kidding when she said the "loss of life [will] be extreme over the last several episodes." Already (SPOILER ALERT) we've seen Aunt Jenna meet her demise and return as an undead. But will she say goodbye forever after Klaus is done with her? We can't say for sure, but when we spoke to star Nina Dobrev recently about tonight's "The Sun Also Rises," her preview didn't give us high hopes for a happy ending.

"It's the one pretty tear-jerking episode," she revealed to Hollywood Crush. "It's a very intense, very sad episode. So definitely tune in to watch that one because it's pretty epic."

We'll definitely being sharing our love seat with a box of Kleenex tonight as we (hopefully) find out the fate of some of our favorite Mystic Falls residents. But we don't want to leave you on such a downer note going into tonight's episode, so let's quickly chat about the positive aspects of "The Sun Also Rises."

"Paul Sommers is directing it," Nina said. "And Paul Sommers is our director of photography, so he's done every episode since the beginning, except the pilot. So it's his directorial debut. And it's really cool and we're really excited for him."

We're excited too, but just don't bum us out too much, Paul. Okay?

What are your predictions for tonight's "Vampire Diaries"? Spill your theories in the comments and on Twitter!