'Glee' Recap: 'Rumours'

I heard a rumor that after a few lackluster weeks, "Glee" would finally have a really solid episode. Turns out, Gleeks, that little piece of information was very much true. Not only did last night's ep feature some interesting new plot twists, but they also tried out an exciting lesson plan by performing nothing but songs from one classic rock album.

There was no way this episode could be bad when it began with Brittany's awesomely low-budget web show "Fondue For Two" (or three, in this case), which combined two of her favorite things: hot cheese and talking to people! During her debut broadcast, Britt invited Tina and Mercedes—who are apparently two of McKinley's biggest gossips—to share some juicy news. In addition to introducing her Atkins-adhering cat Lord Tubbington, Britt dropped something even bigger—the bombshell that Santana is in the closet.

But Britt's slip-up caused quite a fall-out when an angered Artie accused her of cheating with Santana. In a moment of jealousy, our typically sweet Artie called his girlfriend stupid, which could very well send "sad panda" Brittany back into the arms of a very conflicted Santana.

Those three weren't the only ones to get run through the rumor mill though, especially not since Sue opted to bring back the defunct school newspaper, The Muckraker, and give it a new motto: "If I heard it, it's probably true." While Sue really only did it to force Will out of the school (more on that in a bit) it set off a chain of drama elsewhere.

When a Muckraker piece claimed Quinn and Sam were spotted leaving a motel together, a super-jealous Finn—along with a super-snoopy Rachel—went on a stakeout. Not only did they catch Quinn leaving said motel, but at one point, Kurt, too. Of course, as with so many things, it wasn't exactly as it seemed.

Turned out Sam and his family were living there as his father lost his job, and they were scraping just to get by. While it was unfortunate that Sam, like Santana, had a deeply personal secret revealed, it did shed some more light on him, not to mention a sadly all-too-common problem many Americans are going through. While major issues like that can't be solved with a song like usual in "Glee" world, it was a nice reminder that we should chip in in whatever way we can to those less fortunate.

Meanwhile, Mr. Schuester had to face down his own truths when a Sue-planted April Rhodes stormed back into his life with a proposition: to help her write and perform their very own Broadway musical. Turned out, Will wasn't quite over his Broadway dreams and Sue's white lie could very well send him out of New Directions' life and onto the Great White Way.

Though conflicted, Will wove last night's episode together perfectly with his assignment for the glee club: to perform songs from Fleetwood Mac's legendary Rumours album. Not only did the songs reflect what the characters were going through, but it helped tell a cohesive story about rumors, distrust and heartbreak, just like the record itself.

Here now, a rundown of the "Glee" take on Fleetwood Mac's Rumours:

—Guest star Kristin Chenoweth, who reprised her role as the kooky April, did justice to the classic track "Dreams." I was smiling and bobbing my head right along with the glee club as she and Matthew Morrison performed it.

—Of course, since Artie numbers are my Kryptonite, I was most blown away by Kevin McHale's version of "Never Going Back Again." I know some of the most popular "Glee" numbers come from big, splashy spectacles, but give me Kevin's voice, some acoustic guitars and one great, classic song and I'm one happy viewer.

—Santana's subtle take on "Songbird" was sweet enough (she was singing it for Brittany), but Naya Rivera's voice doesn't pack quite the punch the tune requires. Still, the sentiment made it a lovely moment.

- Finn is also someone who can't quite carry a number on his own (sorry, Cory Monteith!), but it didn't sound so bad when he had Quinn by his side for "I Don't Want To Know." Still, those two were no match for Rachel's solo effort of "Go Your Own Way." Her "feminine twist" on the classic song about moving on turned out to be one of Lea Michele's strongest outings all season.

- The entire group (including Sam's newly introduced little siblings) got to join in for the episode's finale, which was the band's oft-used-as-an-anthem "Don't Stop" and it was pretty great. It even reminded me a little bit of a season one "Glee" moment, like, funnily enough, "Don't Stop Believin'".

In conclusion, when it comes to eps like this one I hope Ryan Murphy and co. don't stop. Not only did it put interesting obstacles in front of our characters as the season draws closer to an end, but it showcased great music that made sense in the context of what was going on. It wasn't a perfect ep (it could have used a few more funny bone moments) but it was certainly an improvement over the last few.

Check out Jim Cantiello's musical "Glee"-cap below!

What did you think of the "Rumours" episode, Gleeks? Will Mr. Schuester follow his Broadway dreams or stay behind? Will Brittany and Santana wind up back together? How about Rachel and Finn? Pass it on...