Kate Hudson Wants Author Emily Giffin To Write More Books About 'Something Borrowed' Characters

It's not often we get to say this and mean it...but, we're just like Kate Hudson! No, we haven't suddenly become movie stars, and we aren't going to marry Muse lead singer Matthew Bellamy, but, just like her, we are definitely fans of best-selling author Emily Giffin.

We recently caught up with the "Something Borrowed" (which is getting the big screen treatment courtesy of Kate, Colin Egglesfield, Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski) and "Something Blue" scribe who shared with us that the Oscar-nominated actress wants more books from her. But, in particular, Kate wants novels that have to do with the exploits of her character Darcy and cohorts Dex, Rachel and Ethan.

Emily divulged to us that during a recent chat with Kate at a "SoBo" press junket, the actress asked, "Are you gonna write a third book?! Would you ever consider writing a third book?" Can't you just picture it now Crushers, "Something Old" and "Something New"?!

While the author wouldn't spill on whether she would continue her "Something" stories, she did confirm that Kate was most definitely on board for the film version of the Darcy-centric follow-up "Something Blue."

"They're signed up and everyone really wants it to happen," Emily said of the cast for the in-the-works sequel, adding, "Kate is really excited about it." Hey, us too!

"Something Borrowed" hits theaters this Friday.

Tell us Crushers, do you want Emily Giffin to write more "Something" books, or do you like the way the stories are wrapped up in the first two? Let us know in the comments section below and on Twitter!