'Something Borrowed' Author Emily Giffin Says Colin Egglesfield Is Like A Real-Life Dex

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to actor Colin Egglesfield (although we certainly like what we see on the surface). Turns out, not only is he a hottie of unfathomable proportions, but he's also a star who can turn out layered performances, like he does in the new flick "Something Borrowed," while also being a nice, genuine guy off-screen.

Few people understand the complexity of Colin better than author Emily Giffin, who penned the best-selling 2005 novel on which his upcoming movie is based. When we caught up with Emily recently, she explained to Hollywood Crush why Colin was the best possible man for the job and confirmed that he's just as sweet and crush-worthy as Dex, the dreamy, yet conflicted character he plays in the big screen adaptation.

While Colin certainly fits the physical description of the character (read: oh-so fine), the actor, much like Dex, has a lot more going on. Emily told us, "[There's] a lot of talk about casting with the others [in the movie], and I think he gets lost in the mix because he's so good looking you don't really get past that analysis of, 'He's good looking, Dex is good looking, great casting!'" Of course, that simply isn't the case.

In the film, Colin plays an engaged man who sleeps with—and falls for—his fiancee's best friend (Kate Hudson plays Colin's bride-to-be Darcy and Ginnifer Goodwin stars as the main character Rachel, who falls into the love affair with him). We know what you're thinking, what a slime ball! But, as any "SoBo" fan can attest, it's far more complicated than that. In fact, you're rooting for these two to wind up together.

Still, the role called for a tough balancing act. After all, it's not often you feel for and like a guy who has cheated on his fiancee, but he's one who is so charming and nice deep down, you just want him to be happy with the girl he cheated with. As Emily explained about Dex, "He's a good guy...He's not some slick frat boy, he doesn't have that vibe."

She also assured that Colin brings a complicated aspect of Dex to life in the movie. "You can see the angst," she said, adding, "He must bring that to the performance or else you don't like this guy [who's] cheating on his fiancee. He's tortured."

And just as it was easy to care about Dex in the book, Emily promised we will in the movie, too, thanks to Colin infusing parts of his own personality into the role. "He's very genuine and he has a lot of warmth and he uses those qualities in his performance," she told us.

Emily, who said she now considers the former "Melrose Place" star a friend in real life, said quite simply, "Colin is the most down to earth, funny, sweet guy." Yep, sounds like Dex, all right.

"Something Borrowed" opens in theaters on Friday.

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