'90210' Recap: 'Women On The Verge'

Geek certainly is the new chic. West Beverly students were starting to see the fruits of their labors last night, as college acceptance (and rejection) letters began landing in their mailboxes. While Silver and Annie have been dreaming of schools far and away from the Hollywood scene—NYU and CMU, respectively—Naomi is just a CU girl at heart. And what school wouldn't want her? She's a trendsetter!

Thankfully that lucky thong finally paid off (before she had to go one more day without washing it), as well as those months of actually doing school work. Newly official boyfriend Max was also accepted to his dream school (no surprise there). But because M.I.T. is in...Massachusetts—and because Max is more scientific than romantic—the couple had a hard time getting past their impending separation. (Very Seth and Summer circa season two of "The O.C.") These two have gotten past their differences before, from "Avatar" to the academic invitational, so what's a few thousand miles? (Uh, a lot when we're talking about Naomi and hot older CU students. And what about MIT's flautists?) Before any hearts were broken, Max realized that he couldn't let Naomi sacrifice her dream by going to BU to be closer to him (but it's so sweet that she wanted to!). Instead, he'd settle for "one of the best" astrophysics programs in the world at nearby Cal Tech, which is a better move because I can't picture Naomi in winter hats. Much more of a Romeo than Einstein. Well played, nerd. But before school starts, maybe you could give Naomi a geography lesson or two? Beantown is not on the other end of that telescope.

Teddy and the girls were having a lunch and gossip session, or at least the Naomi and Annie were trying to get some details on Teddy's love life (is this the post-Teddy's coming out clique?) as the former player had been steadily hanging out with Marco of late. But Teddy had some reservations (who is this Eric person?), fearful that this could become another Ian scenario. Did he have a boyfriend? Was he really lying to him? Nope, turns out mystery man just comes from a modest background, and felt embarrassed to tell the son of a movie star he didn't live in a mansion. Ah, just look at Naomi and Teddy: nerds and poor kids. West Bev's love knows no bounds. (But really, who is this Eric person?)

Annie lectured her boss Marla on the importance of getting out of the house despite her Alzheimer's, speaking from 17 years of meaningful life experience. She convinced the former star to venture to a screening of her film "Penny Foolish," with an entourage in tow—Liam, Naomi, Ivy and Raj—and for some reason the teenagers decide to dress up for a '60s film screening. (Seriously what was with all the Barbarella hair, and why was Liam wearing a turtleneck?) They gave her a night she hadn't had in years, ending the film with a standing ovation from the crowd. It was all very sweet and just the kind of encore Marla was hoping to have.

Poor Silver was just enjoying the tastiness of the cafeteria's grilled cheese while she awaited her acceptance from NYU, unaware that her enthusiasm and new hair color were the results of Adrianna's revenge and single-handedly affected her chances at film school. After her manic behavior was cause for concern, her extreme depression upon NYU's rejection was a clear read flag. While she wanted to spend her days alone and in the dark, Navid and Dixon teamed up to check her into the psych ward. Navid struggled with the decision and his girlfriend's condition, but luckily (not) Adrianna was there to cheer him up (with alcohol). As Navid confided about how scared he was, Aid listened (and kept the booze flowing). She's become just as bad as Jasper, Emily and any other sketchy character looking to blackmail his or her way into West Bev's inner circle at any cost. Navid may have passed out, conveniently for Aid, but you'd be silly to think that won't be the story she tells Silver. When will it end?

Were you happy to see Jen back again? (I'm still refusing the baby "Jacques.") Sad that Marla has moved on? Would you trust Adrianna around a slightly intoxicated Navid? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!