Is 'Matched' The Dystopian Novel For You?

It's Dystopian Week here on Hollywood Crush, and all week long we'll be dissecting this trendy genre, speaking to its hot new authors and looking forward to a few upcoming releases. But with so many dark, twisted visions of the future, how do you know which is the right one to keep you up at night? We'll break it down in our handy guides. Let's take a look at "Matched," the first novel in Ally Condie's trilogy.

Evil Empire: The Society, which has essentially stripped its citizens of free will and pop culture (gasp!). The Society only allows a group of 100 approved poems, stories and songs to exist, eliminating unnecessary "clutter."

Main Form of Oppression: Milestones and life choices are pre-determined by the government—from whom you marry to where you work and even when you'll die. Matching Banquets, in which teenagers are introduced to their pre-selected spouse, are the prescribed rite of passage.

Girl Rebel: 17-year-old Cassia's been a strident rule-follower until a computer glitch displays not the face of her betrothed but that of a boy named...

Boy Rebel: Ky. Cassia's quiet neighbor was adopted by his aunt and uncle following a mysterious incident. Because of his less-than-ideal background, Ky has been deemed an "Aberration" and will never be Matched.

Law-abiding Object of Affection: Xander, Cassia's life-long friend whom she's Matched to during the Matching Banquet.

How They Fight Against the Man: Let's let Cassia answer this one: "Where do I begin? I've hidden artifacts, read stolen poems, learned how to write. I've fallen in love with someone who's not my Match and I'm keeping that fact from my Match."

Metaphor for the Real World: Freedom is never free. Period.

Who Should Read This: If star-crossed lovers are the sort of literary fare that lights your fire, "Matched" is the dystopian novel for you. (All the better if you get even weaker in the knees when a love triangle is involved.) Though we have no idea how this series will end, we have a feeling the concept of love conquering all will come into play in a big way.

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