'Hunger Games' Casting: District 6 Gets Its Tributes

The Reaping continues: Two more tributes, the boy and girl from District 6, have been cast in Liongate's adaptation of "The Hunger Games." Following what seems to be a pattern, both District 6 parts went to relative unknowns—Ashton Moio and Kara Petersen.

Ashton's credits include stunt double work for several films like last year's "Let Me In," "Charlie Wilson's War," "The Longest Yard," and "The Ring Two." Kara has also done stunt work including 2007's "Bring It On: In It to Win It," and she'll appear in this summer's highly-anticipated "Super 8."

Ashton and Kara join previously cast tributes Amandla Stenberg and Dayo Okeniyi (District 11), Leven Rambin and Jack Quaid (District 1), Ian Nelson and Kalia Prescott (District 3), Ethan Jamieson and Tara Macken (District 4), Jackie Emerson and Chris Mark (District 5), and, of course, District 12 tributes Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

While it's hard to get super-excited about casting minor characters, it just means we're one step closer to seeing "The Hunger Games" unfold on the big screen. And that's something I can't complain about. Plus, I'm guessing Ashton and Kara's previous stunt work will serve them well fighting it out in the Arena. Even if we already know their fate...

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