Royal Wedding Reigns Supreme In Today's Tweet Dreams

If you thought the Royal Wedding was unavoidable the last few weeks, that was nothing compared to the day-of buzz. There were so many #RoyalWedding tweets (both gushing and griping about the big event) that it's a wonder we weren't hit with a Brit-themed Fail Whale, complete with tea and scones. Some celebs, like Kat Graham (pictured), tweeted what they loved about the royal nuptials. Kat was a fan of now-Princess Kate's down-to-earth approach to makeup for the big day. "I love that Kate Middleton did her own makeup for her wedding...," she tweeted. Melissa Joan Hart was also a fan of the ceremony, tweeting, "Grace Kelly and Princess Diana are very strongly felt at this royal wedding! I wish them both love and joy for decades to come!"

Besides a wedding, there's at least one other great excuse in a girl's life to dress like a princess: prom. The Disney movie of the same name opened today, and it's not just the teen audience that's excited for the flick. Singer-rapper Travie McCoy, whose song is featured in the film, urged fans to hit up opening night. "Can't make it to see me play at Bamboozle tonight? You can always go hear "We'll Be Alright" in PROM in theaters today!"

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@Chris_Gorham Why is #RoyalWedding a promoted trend? Who's promoting it? And why in the world would they think it would be necessary to? Weird.

-Chris Gorham, Actor ("Covert Affairs")

@JoAnnaLGarcia In an interview w Prince William's Sergeants...they sent their condolences to the tornado victims of Alabama. I have chills...

-JoAnna Garcia, Actress ("Better With You")

@MileyCyrus wow wow wow #royalwedding soooo romantic. FLAWLESS. =] How lucky is Kate? Its every girls dream to be a princess. Harry??? haha jkjk

-Miley Cyrus, Singer, Actress ("The Last Song")

@therealzooeyd Congratulations to William and Kate, because I KNOW y'all read my Twitter! Right? Right?

-Zooey Deschanel, Actress ("(500) Days of Summer")

@JoelMadden Got up early to watch the royal wedding. Not gonna lie i got a little choked up. I'm a sucker for a good love story. Congrats Royal Family

-Joel Madden, Musician

@yoabbaabba Watching the royal wedding!!!!

-Abigail Breslin, Actress ("Zombieland")

@mena13suvari OmGOSH! What a splendid dream I had: I was at the Royal wedding!!! funny, so random! Guess that ...

-Mena Suvari, Actress ("American Pie")

@Kellie_Martin My daughter wants to know when "Princess Kate" will be out on DVD. #Disneyhasruinedprincesses

-Kellie Martin, Actress ("ER")

@Adrienne_Bailon Ok so I missed the Royal Wedding :( Ummm are they gonna replay it at some point for those that weren't up at 4am???

-Adrienne Bailon, Actress ("The Cheetah Girls")

@birbigs This Royal Wedding would be sooooooo exciting if it were the middle ages.

-Mike Birbiglia, Comedian