Score A Track From MTV's 'Worst. Prom. Ever.' Soundtrack!

Prom is basically inescapable right now—even if you long ago graduated high school. In theaters, there's Disney's fun-filled romp through the big night but, for those whose prom wasn't all red roses and double rainbows, there's "Worst. Prom. Ever.," MTV's TV movie about how disastrous the dance can be. That's right, folks: You can vicariously prom it up from the comfort of your own living room (upside: PJs are way more comfortable than heels and too-tight formal wear). Don't expect a magical night for your imaginary dance, though—the movie isn't called "Best. Prom. Ever." or "Totes. Okay. Prom." But, hey, who says it has to be a fairytale?

Even though you'll have to wait until May 10 to catch the flick, which airs at 10 p.m. EST on MTV, you can start setting the mood early with a free download of "Internet Killed the Video Star" by The Limousines. The upbeat homage to "Video Killed the Radio Star" (ask your parents about it) appears in the movie, and you can get the mp3 free (because we're just so generous!).

Click play on the video above to check out the track's music video and download the file for free here.

Will you be tuning into "Worst. Prom. Ever."? Will "Internet Killed the Video Star" make your prom playlist?

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