MULTIPLE CHOICE: Which 'Prom' Hottie Would You Want As Your Date?

Going to prom comes with some major considerations. What dress will you wear? Who will you ride with? Where should you hang out afterwards? And most importantly, who will you take as your date?

However, going to see the new comedy "Prom," which opens in theaters tomorrow, will be an easy choice. Here's a movie that's not only about one of the most fun rites of passage for a teen, but it also stars a bevy of handsome dudes. It's a no-brainer!

While we'd be psyched if any of these guys showed up at our door with a corsage and then posed for pictures out on our front lawn, we want to know which "Prom" star you would most like to be your real-life prom date?

Of course, this will be almost as difficult a choice as whether to take a black or white limo, as all these boys would be fun to sway on the dance floor with.

Two of "Prom's" leading men would be some serious arm candy, considering this week's "Hump Day Hottie" Thomas McDonell looks like a young Johnny Depp and DeVaughn Nixon is the stuff crushes are made of.

That's not to say that the other fellas from "Prom" wouldn't make for some seriously enviable dates, especially when you have cuties like Nicholas Braun, Jonathan Keltz, Jared Kusnitz and Nolan Sotillo to pick from. How is a girl to choose?!

So Crushers, take our poll after the jump, and let us know which "Prom" hottie you would most like to spend that magical high school evening with.