Nina Dobrev's Seventeen Fitness Cover Shows Off Her Beach-Ready Body

With summer on the way, we here at Hollywood Crush have spent a lot of time thinking about getting beach-body ready at the gym. Admittedly, our thoughts haven't translated into actions quite yet, but that's only because we're still getting over our winter hibernation phase (totally legit reason!), and we kinda figured everyone else was too. That is until we saw Nina Dobrev's new Seventeen Fitness magazine cover. Let's just say, "fit" is an understatement.

Nina graces the mag (out May 3) in a printed blue bikini and pink cut-off top that shows off her PERFECTLY toned abs. In other words, while we were eating pizza, having cupcakes and basically being all-around lazy, Nina was at the gym shaping up. So. Not. Cool.

"When I work out, I feel happy, confident, and accomplished," Nina told the mag for their first ever fitness special (inadvertently reminding us that the gym CAN be fun).

Nina, who we're assuming also gets a pretty serious workout on the set of "The Vampire Diaries" kicking butt as Katherine AND Elena, also revealed that for her, exercise isn't about losing tons of weight.

"I've realized skinny isn't necessarily attractive. Guys like girls with curves." That we totally agree with.

Now, if you're still not motivated enough to pay your old friends treadmill, weights and cardio a visit, the cover of the magazine promises that there are ways to get a bod like Nina's without working out. We're not sure what those ways are, but we're definitely curious. (Especially if it involves hot vampires...)

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