Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Spotted On 'Breaking Dawn' Set... Again!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were spotted on the beaches of St. Thomas over Easter weekend (on April 22, to be exact) filming what appears to be honeymoon scene re-shoots for "Breaking Dawn." Kristen had previously shot "BD" beach scenes in a white bikini, and this time around she emerged sun-drenched in an emerald green string bikini.

Robert was spotted in what appeared to be black bottoms of some sort—and the two were seen getting busy on the beach. "They were kissing and pawing at each other like they couldn't resist," an onset source told Us Weekly. "She wrapped her legs around him as they kissed."

The lovin' didn't end there. The pair reportedly got some grub at Ritz-Carlton's Bleuwater eatery post-shoot. The source added, "They're madly in love!" That sounds like one very, very Good Friday to us!

With so much interest in what the wedding and honeymoon scenes in the film will look like, these paparazzi shots are more a tease than anything else. Perhaps, though, not as a big a tease as those leaked bedroom shots that hit the internet a while back, much to the displeasure of Summit and RPattz. So far, "Breaking Dawn" seems to be the sexiest of all the "Twilight" flicks.

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