'90210' Recap: 'Nerdy Little Secrets'

After last week's Mexican getaway provided some much-needed spice, things were (relatively) back to normal in Beverly Hills. But amidst finding new extra-curriculars and dealing with college admissions stress, certain secrets were waiting to be revealed, whether their owners were willing to share them or not. The truth has a funny sense of timing, doesn't it?

Naomi and Max continued to keep their relationship under wraps—or behind the door of the girls' bathroom—which was anything but healthy and rewarding for them both. With the finals of the academic invitational looming, and one doe-eyed, Rory Gilmore lookalike waiting in the wings for Max, Naomi's jealousy had boiled over. But Alex, the "Tom Brady of the academic invitational," was just a brainiac interested in literature and history who wanted a last-minute cram session before the finals. She wasn't used to the typical girl world of West Bev's elite, so when Naomi came at her in a jealous rage, she made the first irrational decision of her life and skipped out before the final (Naomi has a knack for being people's firsts). Okay, maybe charging at an innocent little girl and going right for the hair was a bad move, yet despite the drama, after last week's revelation that Max is a hot commodity amongst girl nerds, how could Naomi NOT be suspicious?

Regardless, because she had left the team short one member going into the final, Naomi was forced to put on the blue polyester (which surely was traumatic enough) as a punishment and help protect the school's academic invitational crown. My heart skipped a beat when the final question involved St. Bart's—finally years of extravagant vacations and time away from school will prove to have actually been educational. Except, despite what that hotel masseuse said, St. Bart's is not Swedish. And with that, West Beverly lost its chance at a three-peat. I was also sure that the academic invitational was too important to Max, and that the pair would finally prove to be too different, however... quite the opposite! Even with the loss, Max finally was able to articulate that he wanted their secret fling to go public. Naomi's response? "Hell, yeah!"

Silver was experiencing the effects of Adrianna's experiment with pharmacology, namely in her color palette and taste in music (bright colors and '80s pop, natch). Her enthusiastic demeanor wasn't too drastic, yet the extra pep in her step did raise some eyebrows for Navid and Naomi (and definitely Adrianna, who is loving every minute of this), as did her red-orange hair ("I'm going to go search the lost and found for a hat," Naomi exclaimed). But Silver didn't have time to make a hair appointment (or talk to Naomi's lawyer about suing the hair dye company), she had a college interview to prepare for! Surprisingly, her loquaciousness, those fire engine red locks and the noticeable tardiness didn't affect her conversation with the NYU rep. The two managed to quickly bond over "Black Swan"—at least some people can agree on that movie—oh, artsy schools. (Just kidding! Sort of.) Let's just hope Silver's failure to play hard to get didn't ruin everything. (If she does, and later finds out it was all at the hands of Aid....yikes. And you thought last week's food poisoning/sunburn combination wasn't pretty.)

Annie took up an after-school job with a kooky old lady named Marla, whom she soon discovered was actually Marla Templeton, a former actress and gal pal of Old Hollywood legends like Peter Fonda and John Cassavetes. The two bonded over tales of Old Hollywood and lunch à la Bette Davis, before Annie realized Marla may be very ill. This multi-generational friendship has the possibility to be very sweet and rewarding, (and Marla is giving the CMU hopeful $1000/week) but why is Annie always written off to deal with the show's peripheral characters? (Usually ones who are strange and creepy. No offense, Marla.) It seems like she'll be spending more and more time out in the Hollywood Hills and away from Liam, as the two barely spoke by phone the entire episode. Maybe he, Dixon and Teddy can start hanging out again? I miss that brotastic repartee.

Are you happy Naomi and Max have taken their relationship public? Will Silver blow her chances at NYU? Should Adrianna feel bad about what she did? How cute is Raj? Do you miss Teddy and Dixon, too? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!