Emma Watson Drops Brown: We Suggest 5 Colleges For A Magical Matriculation

Emma Watson (a.k.a. Hermione Granger) is dropping out school.

Before you die of shock, rest assured that it's not a permanent academic leave. Emma is just leaving Brown University to pursue coursework not offered there, according to her rep (via the New York Times). Despite insistence from Emma's camp that the impending transfer (she's set to enroll elsewhere in the fall) is purely the result of a less-than-perfect academic fit, rumors are swirling that Emma was bullied out of the Ivy League school. (We really hope that's not the case!) Whatever the reason, we've conjured up five schools we think would be perfectly magical fits for the 21-year-old actress.

Middlebury College

Middlebury College is the birthplace of the International Quidditch Association, a collegiate organization for Muggle Quidditch (also known as ground Quidditch, as in, more running, less flying). If Emma set foot on campus at Middlebury, she would pretty much be named Seeker immediately, and she would be one Snitch catch away from permanent popularity.

University of Maryland

Okay, so we admit that, as loved as Emma would be at Middlebury, it could be a little awkward to be surrounded by uber-fans all day, every day. But at University of Maryland, Emma could stay sporty with a game that was meant to be played on the ground (and that she already loves): field hockey. With the top ranked women's field hockey program in the country, Maryland would be a perfect place for Emma to explore an interest other than acting and being an all- around brainiac.

New York University

Emma is nothing if not chic. She's the face of Burberry. She rocks a hairstyle that only beauties the likes of Audrey Hepburn have pulled off in the past. When Women's Wear Daily made a list of the most fashionable college campuses in the U.S., NYU nabbed the top spot. Is it any wonder? It's in the middle of the fashion capital of the United States! Plus, with "Harry Potter" co-star Daniel Radcliffe in the Big Apple for his stint on Broadway, Emma would have a built-in support system in the city.

Harvard University

Let's not forget that Emma doesn't just play a brain—she's also a smartypants in real life. Just because she's leaving Brown doesn't mean she has to kiss the Ivy League goodbye. We would love to see Emma face off against entire classes full of Hermione Granger wannabes (and put them in their place with that deliciously smug smile she displays at Hogwarts).

University of Chicago

Speaking of Hogwarts, the fictional castle was practically Emma's childhood home (she was cast in "Sorcerer's Stone" at age 10!), so maybe somewhere with that dank, gothic, homey feel would be a good fit. In 2009, the L.A. Times made a list of the most Hogwarts-esque colleges in the U.S., and University of Chicago was deemed most magical. So if making friends, finding fun activities and campus culture fail, Emma can always fall back on some familiar architecture to ease the transition to her new school.

Do you have any suggestions for Emma Watson's new school?