John C. Reilly As 'Hunger Games' Haymitch: 3 Reasons Odds Are Ever In His Favor

There's no official word just yet, but the Hollywood gossip mill (i.e. Vulture) is abuzz with "Hunger Games" rumors—namely, that the role of former Games champion and raging alcoholic Haymitch Abernathy has been offered up to none other than John C. Reilly. And while he's no Robert Downey Jr., after chewing on this information all weekend, we're thinking that nobody could be more perfect for the role. Why the positivity? Here are three good reasons that the odds are (ever) in John's favor:

1. He'll bring the funny. And that's important, because before Haymitch turns out to be a major player in the Panem uprising, he's... um, kind of a tool. John's comic expertise and unparalleled bumbling abilities make him an excellent dystopian oaf.

2. ...BUT, he's a serious actor. Like, Academy Award-nominated serious (for his role in "Chicago," by the way, where he also played a comic sad-sack. Dude's got talent!). Haymitch's surprising and unexpected complexity is one of the things that makes him a great character, and John's ability to combine Will Ferrell-esque buffoonery with a hidden well of Endless Sadness will come in handy for the big reveal.

3. He looks the part. Oh yes, he does. Sure, Haymitch is meant to have been a one-time hottie—but years of hitting the bottle take their toll, y'all. So by the time the 74th Hunger Games roll around, Haymitch's bad habits will have turned him from a lithe, lean killing machine into a doughy old drunk with a face like mashed potatoes.

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