It's Earth Day! Which Green Hottie Would You Like To Hug A Tree With?

As we celebrate Earth Day (don't forget to do your part to keep your carbon footprint low—be it recycling, changing your light bulbs or becoming involved with massive environmental efforts), we couldn't help but think of some of our favorite celebs who give extra TLC to Mother Nature year round.

With so many sexy, Earth-conscience celebs to choose from (Hollywood definitely likes to lend a helping hand) we want to know which eco-friendly heartthrob you would most like to hug a tree (or drive around in a Prius) with this Earth Day. Get all the deets on the candidates and cast your vote after the jump!

As if we couldn't love "The Adjustment Bureau" star Matt Damon enough (he's a sexy Oscar-winning actor and a devoted dad and husband), he went and launched, an organization devoted to making clean drinking water. The activist is not only making the movies, but the entire world, a better place.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been making us swoon since 1997 when he starred in "Titanic," but what really makes our hearts beat for him are the things he does off-screen. A devoted environmentalist, Leo has done so much for the Earth, including raising awareness through his documentary "The 11th Hour," to donating $1 million to the WCS to help save endangered tigers.

Adrian Grenier may be best known for his work on the small screen in "Entourage," but he's doing a big part for the planet. In addition cruising around Hollywood in a fuel-efficient Prius, the star launched his own show on Planet Green called "Alter Eco," in which he helped viewers find ways to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Thanks to his "One Tree Hill" co-star Sophia Bush, actor Austin Nichols has become involved in many environmental causes. In addition to getting the set of their television show to go green, Austin and Sophia went down to the Gulf coast after the disastrous oil spill to survey the damage and do their part to help.

How much does Ian Somerhalder love our planet and want to see the best for it? Well, like Matt, the "Vampire Diaries" stud has created his own organization—the Ian Somerhalder Foundation—whose mission is to "empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures." Ian's foundation focuses on energy, habitat and animals, how they are being harmed, and what can be done to change it.

Now that you have the skinny, who's your favorite environmental cutie?