Style Superstar: 'Prom' Actress Aimee Teegarden Is Crowned Best Dressed

There are plenty of things we remember vividly about prom night, but the one thing we'd rather forget is the over-the-top (and totally tacky) dress we wore. Seriously, what were we thinking? Luckily, the stars of Disney's "Prom" didn't make the same wardrobe mistakes we did (okay, at least not all of them did) when they hit the red carpet to celebrate the film's premiere yesterday. Our favorite look from the event came courtesy of leading lady Aimee Teegarden, who arrived in an eye-catching gown. But Aimee wasn't the only gal we noticed this week. We looked across the pond and spotted singer Pixie Lott in a hard-to-miss gown. Check out both ladies and let us know if you agree with our picks for this week's best and worst dressed!

If we were basing it on the dress alone (the hair-do's kinda ho-hum), Aimee was definitely our "Prom" premiere queen. We loved her shimmering, strapless silver Pamela Rowland gown and thought it hit just the right note between elegant and youthful.

We know that Pixie's style is eccentric, but this look is just color overload. The singer wore the strapless, bright frock to a Lipsy launch party in London, and while we're totally willing to give her credit for rocking it, we've got to admit that it was just a bit too much for our tastes. Also, as far as accessories go, the flower in the hair just wasn't working.

What do you think of these two looks? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!