Alexandra Bracken's 'Black Is The Color' Optioned For Big Screen

We're one new YA adaptation away from establishing a savings account earmarked exclusively for movie ticket purchases. Because, really, how else are we going to afford to see "The Hunger Games," "The Mortal Instruments," "Divergent"...the list goes on. And the latest entry? Alexandra Bracken's "Black Is the Color."

According to Variety, Twentieth Century Fox has scooped up the movie rights for the novel, which won't even be published until summer 2012.

YA aficionados likely know Alexandra from her 2010 debut novel, "Brightly Woven," and though "Black" doesn't hit bookshelves for another year, it's definitely on our to-read list.

The story centers around telekinetic teen Ruby, who after being placed in a government-run rehab camp, teams up with a group of similarly gifted kids to escape, eluding those who want to take advantage of their powers.

Here's a bit more detail from Alexandra's website:

Ruby soon finds herself on the run and joining forces with a small band of other escapees: Zu, a mute girl who can telekinetically control electronics, Chubs, a skinny genius who doesn’t want another kid along to deplete their meager supplies, and Liam, the kind and good-hearted leader of their ragtag group who can move objects twice his size with the wave of a hand. They seem to be on a mission but won’t confide in Ruby, who only wants to learn to control her extraordinary ability which makes her a danger to anyone she gets close to.

Sounds a bit "X-Men"-ish, no? Though, really, the only thing I know for sure about the comic book franchise is that even with mutton chops, Hugh Jackman is a babe.

What say you, Crushers? Will you pick up "Black Is the Color" when the book debuts? How about the movie: Does it sound like something you'd fork over $13 for? (Seriously, that's how much movie tickets in NYC cost, hence the savings account.)