Abigail Breslin, Donald Faison Gush Over Adele's 21 In Today's Tweet Dreams

Big-voiced Brit Adele just broke records in the UK (she's now tied with Dido for second fastest-selling album, with two million copies sold in just 87 days), and she's also getting a lot of love on this side of the pond. Everyone from Donald Faison to Abigail Breslin (pictured) was tweeting her praises today. Donald declared Adele's disc the soundtrack to his life, tweeting, "I know I'm late... But ADELE your album is the new sound track to my life. Wonderful! OMG wonderful!!" And Abigail declared Adele's "Someone Like You" her song of the day and professed her love for the album as a whole, saying, "Song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_Zs7XS3XUo loving Adele's album '21'."

Meanwhile, the cast of "Community" was pretty pumped about tonight's flashback episode. Danny Pudi called the upcoming ep one of the best yet, tweeting, "Tonight's Community (8/7c NBC) is a laughter festival. Easily one of the most fun episodes to read and shoot. Hope you enjoy it!" Co-star Alison Brie didn't think that was quite enthusiastic enough, however, insisting, "Tonight's #NBCCommunity is going to ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!! Not knock them off, but straight up ROCK them off. I'm really excited about it."

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@JoelMadden I'm trending on twitter right now?? WTF man Thats what happens when you get on stage with @justinbieber Hell yeah

-Joel Madden, Musician

@alexavega Oooh... Looking back...Maybe singing barbie girl at a karaoke club wasnt as much of a hit as I thought it was going to be... #fail

-Alexa Vega, Actress ("Spy Kids")

@adamlevine Just heard the Internet phenom "Friday". Apparently I've been hiding under a rock. #headingbacktomyrock

-Adam Levine, Musician

@DemetriMartin My friend says "touche" way too much. He's a touche bag.

-Demetri Martin, Comedian

@DonaldGlover The first person to tweet me a pic of "GAMBINO" shaved in their head gets 4 tickets to tonight's show, backstage passes, and a hoodie.

-Donald Glover, Actor ("Community")

@elizadushku Oh SNAP, crackle, POP... I'm doing something DOPE on Sunday that very well might make you guys #FREAKOUT #HeHe #FunSecret

-Eliza Dushku, Actress ("Bring It On")

@peterfacinelli #youknowurNOTboredwhen You've travelled from Vancouver,2 LA, 2 the Grand Canyon, 2 NY, back 2 LA, and back to Vancouver all in 4 days.

-Peter Facinelli, Actor ("Twilight")

@Sn00ki Ouch! Never got extensions before..this shit hurts!

-Nicole Polizzi, Reality Star ("The Jersey Shore")

@David_Henrie The Assistants day one. Up and running. Me, @nottjmiller and @Lamorneisfunny making the impossible possible, charming the pants off america

-David Henrie, Actor ("Wizards of Waverly Place")

@JonahHill It's so awkward running into my ex-girlfriend. It's come to the point where I find myself avoiding sitting in my car outside of her house.

-Jonah Hill, Actor ("Superbad")