'Water For Elephants' Costumer Dishes On Reese Witherspoon's Revealing Looks

If you've seen the "Water for Elephants" trailer (who are we kidding? of course you have!), you've probably noticed that unlike most (if not all) of her previous films, Reese Witherspoon spends a lot of time in revealing costumes.

So why the change of heart (and wardrobe)? Apparently Reese just couldn't resist Jacqueline West's beautiful costumes. When we spoke to the costume designer recently, we asked how she managed to persuade the star to slip into the various looks in the film (beautiful as they may be).

"I didn't have to convince her," Jacqueline replied. "In fact, you know these '30s gowns, you can really wear nothing under them and she was so game to do that. She was such a great sport, and I think when she signed on to play this character she knew."

Jacqueline stressed that the costumes, while revealing, were true the time.

"They wore very, very skimpy costumes even for that period, they were like ballet costumes," she said, adding that Reese's own research and experience prepared her for the barely there looks she'd have to don.

"I think she just decided that's what she is going to do when she signed on to do this, and she was very game. And Reese was also a gymnast, so she knew you couldn't do that kind of thing and have constraining costumes."

But that's not all. Besides pushing her own boundaries by wearing styles she usually wouldn't, Reese also opted to do her own stunts in said costumes (serious bonus points in our book!).

"She did most of her own stunts in this movie, so she needed to be very bare legged, bare armed," Jacqueline said.

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