Reese Witherspoon's Advice For Kissing Robert Pattinson? 'Bring A Sudafed'!

Robert Pattinson is quite the discreet Casanova when it comes to his real-life relationships (after years of rumors, we've only seen a handful of photos showing evidence of his romance with Kristen Stewart), but when it comes to what happens on-screen, the actor is happy to kiss and tell. So when we sat down with Reese Witherspoon, his costar from "Water for Elephants," we already had the inside scoop from Rob on some of their more intimate scenes from the movie—in particular, the not-so-sexy fact that he had a cold while filming them.

"He did have a very runny nose," Reese confirmed to MTV News' Josh Horowitz.

Ew. But, I mean, it's Robert Pattinson! One of the hottest leading men in Hollywood! Surely the experience of smooching such a gorgeous guy couldn't be ruined by something as ordinary as a runny nose...or could it?

"It wasn't appealing," Reese said. "It was unpleasant."

And there you have it: Not even the sexual power of RPattz can counteract the gross-out factor of being boogered-on. Though of course, die-hard fans probably feel that nothing could ruin the thrill of making out with the British hottie—not even if he was spewing mucus like a fire hose. But for those of us who would prefer not to be covered in Rob's snot, Reese had some important advice in the event that you're about to lock lips with her co-star:

"Bring a Sudafed."

Right. And in the extremely likely event that we are ever making out with Robert Pattinson, we will totally stop him mid-smooch to make him take it.

Would you smooch Rob despite his runny nose?

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