Chris Colfer Pens Pilot For Disney Channel

At this point we've got to wonder if there's anything Chris Colfer can't do? Not only does the "Glee" star sing and dance (and make us laugh and cry each and every week), but at just 20 years old, he's well on his way to becoming something of an accomplished writer.

Chris, who snagged a Golden Globe for his nuanced work as Kurt on "Glee," has not only penned his very first movie (an indie called "Struck By Lightning" that begins shooting this summer with Chris in a starring role), but now he's working on a pilot for Disney Channel!

According to Deadline, Chris is bringing the children's book "The Little Leftover Witch" to life on the network. In case you haven't read Florence Laughlin's book, it's about a witch who is taken in by a family after she crash lands her broom. Sounds totally cute, right?!

If anyone has the talent and comedic sensibilities to pull off a project like this, it's most certainly Chris. The multi-faceted star has a knack for relating to kids (without pandering to them) and has a warmth and humility about him that is especially hard to find in Hollywood. He's also clearly had a passion for writing for some time, so it's nice that he'll get to work on his other passions.

We also love that Chris is doing things beyond the classrooms of "Glee." Sure, the show is still a huge hit, but the stars are going to have to find something besides musical-based comedies if they want to really stick around. There's no doubt that Chris will make it as an actor post-"Glee" (whenever that may be), but it's especially wise of him to have a wide array of things on his resume.

We can't wait to see how these two writing projects turn out, but mostly because we can't wait to see the increasingly amazing career Chris has ahead of him!

Crushers, are you a fan of "The Little Leftover Witch"? Will Chris be able to do it justice? Let us know in the comments below and on

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