'The Art Of Getting By' Trailer: Freddie Highmore Displays Leading Man Potential Opposite Emma Roberts

If you simply know English actor Freddie Highmore as the pint-sized musical prodigy from "August Rush" (or even Charlie in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"), prepare to meet the grown-up, leading-man-in-training Freddie in the upcoming "The Art of Getting By" (formerly called "Homework").

Freddie stars as lost soul/high school slacker George, a budding artist who's made it all the way to his senior year without ever completing a homework assignment (hence the film's title). When he's finally put on academic probation, he agrees to be mentored by Michael Angarano's character Dustin. Along the way, George strikes up an unlikely friendship with popular girl Sally, played by Emma Roberts.

If our EXCLUSIVE trailer is any indication, the dynamic among these three characters is not nearly as simple as the film's synopsis would lead us to believe. It's obvious George likes Sally. We're pretty sure Sally likes George. George doesn't make a move. So Dustin does. On Sally. Sally seems into it. George is nonplussed. In short, what we have here is a messy love triangle (our favorite kind!). Though we have no idea how this film ends, that final smoldering stare and slight smooch-friendly lean-in bodes well for Sally and George. (Sorry, Dustin.)

Click play on the clip above to witness all the romantic entanglement angst for yourself!

"The Art of Getting By" opens in limited release June 17.

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