Rihanna Celebrates New Chart Record In Today's Tweet Dreams

We all know Rihanna (pictured) is kind of fabulous. Remember "SOS" and how impossible it was to get out of your head? It probably seems like forever ago, considering all of the RiRi songs we've gone crazy for since, but it was only back in 2006. With "S&M" becoming her 10th No. 1 single, Rihanna is now officially the artist with the shortest time span between a first and 10th No. 1 hit. She tweeted a big thank you to her fans, saying, "#RihannaNavy is #MAJAH !!!!! That is all." Britney Spears also wished Rihanna well after the Barbados beauty thanked Brit and her fans for their support, tweeting, "Congrats @Rihanna. Song is fierce! Anytime girl... -Britney"

For those tweeters not busy topping charts and breaking records, today was all about relaxation. Some of our favorite lovely ladies decided to spend the day on some well-deserved primping. "Step Up" star (and lucky owner of Channing Tatum's heart) Jenna Dewan went for the full R&R treatment, tweeting, "One day to get it all done..nails, vegan glory, hair..you know, the important things in life." "Dancing With the Stars" favorite Julianne Hough was super-excited to find a nail salon that felt like home. "I just found THE CUTEST nail salon in Miami... It's so feminine and girly... I LOVE it!" she tweeted.

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@pattonoswalt I'm remaking THE PARENT TRAP. My version has a 14-foot pit & punji sticks.

-Patton Oswalt, Comedian, Actor ("King of Queens")

@RiversCuomo Off to Hollywood to work on a song with a writer named "Wallpaper". Sounds interesting!

-Rivers Cuomo, Musician

@JimGaffigan I'm sick of the cold. I'm ready to complain about it being too hot.

-Jim Gaffigan, Comedian, Actor ("Going the Distance")

@thomaslennon Why is the Thor poster undressing me with its eyes?

-Thomas Lennon, Actor ("Night at the Museum")

@danecook I'd like to name my little girl Malice. That way if she causes sum1 distress, pain or suffering. I can say I'm glad she's behaving herself.

-Dane Cook, Comedian, Actor ("Good Luck Chuck")

@CrystalHarris I love online shopping, whoever invented it, kudos.

-Crystal Harris, Reality Star ("The Girls Next Door")

@KaleyCuoco Gotta love hearing your drycleaners Saying how much chubbier u look on camera but she means it as a compliment. "womanly" #killmenow

-Kaley Cuoco, Actress ("The Big Bang Theory")

@SarahKSilverman Commercial break during The View: hair-dye, chocolate, walmart, chocolate, anti-depressant, Nutella, & we're back

-Sarah Silverman, Comedian

@adamlevine Not clearing your band's music for Glee doesn't make you some kind of punk rock legend. I'm always flattered when Someone wants to use ours.

-Adam Levine, Musician

@HaylieK Spring cleaning. Found 22 old cell phones, and who knows how many I've lost. Ridiculous. http://plixi.com/p/94274787

-Haylie Duff, Actress ("Material Girls")