Is Elizabeth Banks The Perfect Effie? 'Hunger Games' Experts Weigh-In!

Panem has been positively buzzing over the past 48 hours! On Monday, we learned up-and-coming actors Amandla Stenberg and Dayo Okeniyi had been cast as District 11 tributes Rue and Thresh. Then yesterday, two tidbits lit up the "Hunger Games" fandom. First, Variety reported that "30 Rock" actress Elizabeth Banks was in talks to play high-strung escort Effie Trinket. Then came confirmation that another set of tributes had been selected in The Reaping: Leven Rambin and Jack Quaid, who will represent District 1 as Glimmer and Marvel.

So, as us YA-loving dearies are wont to do at Hollywood Crush, we checked in with a few of our "Hunger Games" fansite besties to get their take on the day's news, including whether Elizabeth should don Effie's pink wig.

"I know everyone is so gung-ho on Kristin Chenoweth, who, you know I think is wonderful and would do an amazing job, but I think Elizabeth could be as equally amazing," said The Hob's Megan Scott.

Theresa Morgan from Down With the Capitol had to agree. "As a reader, you either roll your eyes at [Effie] or laugh at her," she explained. "I think that [Elizabeth] is a really good fit for the role because she's had such experience in both comedy and drama."

Did we also mention that Elizabeth is a huge fan of the series? The actress recently tweeted, "MOCKINGJAY!!! Clearing three days of my life to devour this book. 3rd in Hunger Games trilogy. Read these!"

It's hard not to root for an actress who's so passionate about the project, right?

Click play on the video above to hear what else our buds, like Hunger Games Examiner Sara Gundell, had to say about Amandla and Dayo and tell us what you think about the latest casting news!

Do you think Elizabeth would be a good fit for Effie? Are you happy with the latest batches of tributes? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!