Reese Witherspoon Insists Robert Pattinson Isn't That Bad Of A Dancer

Reese Witherspoon recently had her first dance with new hubby Jim Toth, but the Oscar-winning actress also cut a rug with another handsome fellow: Robert Pattinson.

In their new film "Water For Elephants" (which finally hits theaters this Friday), Reese and Robert have a dance scene together, and while RPattz found himself to be nearly incapable of busting a move, Reese remembers things a little bit differently.

You see, during his "MTV First: Robert Pattinson" segment a few weeks ago, the actor confided in us about that particular sequence, saying, "That was the one bit I was most nervous about, because there were tons of extras who were really good dancers and they were all doing the Charleston and stuff."

Robert added that while his co-star Reese, "is a great dancer," he was so bad that not only did she jokingly give him a hard time about it (or, "taking the mickey out of me" as he put it), she had to practice with their dance teacher instead during rehearsals!

But when Reese sat down with MTV News, she had a different view of how the whole dancing thing went down. While she said of Rob, "As dancers go, I wouldn't say it's his forte," she also flat-out told us it's "not true" that he couldn't hold his own on the dance floor.

And while busting a move "isn't his favorite thing," as Reese put it, the results came out surprisingly well. "It actually turned out really well in the movie," she said of the scene.

Turns out, both of the stars were being modest about their dance skills though. "We had some doubts about whether we could pull it off," Reese confessed, adding, "I'm not the greatest dancer either."

It seemed no one on the "Water For Elephants" set was going to make it easy for them though, particularly not their dance instructor. As she explained, "We had a very enthusiastic coach who really wanted us to make it right," adding with a laugh, "I was like, this isn't 'Dancing with the Stars'"!

Tell us, Crushers, would you want to dance with Robert Pattinson? (We're pretty sure we can guess the answer but whatever!) Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter!

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