EXCLUSIVE First Look At Nylon's Young Hollywood Issue Featuring Emma Roberts And Rory Culkin

Ah, spring! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, hot young men are playing ultimate Frisbee in the local park with no shirts on, and—best of all—our favorite magazines are peeping the most crushworthy stars in Hollywood on their covers. And today, we've got an EXCLUSIVE look at one of the freshest covers to grace newsstands this May: Nylon's "Young Hollywood" issue, featuring "Scream 4" stars Emma Roberts and Rory Culkin!

Hoo boy, this is FRESH. Check out the fresh young faces of these two pretty people. And behold Emma's fresh denim shorts with vestigial suspender attachments! And look at the oh-so-fresh fly on Rory's pants, which we're about 99% sure is unzipped! (Wait, no. Don't look at that. It'll only make you crazy.)

Rory and Emma are the featured faces in an anthology of Hollywood up-and-comers that includes a whopping 67 actors—and inside, you can see pics from the fab photo shoot and read a fun interview where the two stars get...well, fresh.

"It's weird doing something with such a big budget because there's so many eyes on you during the process," Rory said, referring to his first mainstream role in "Scream 4." "You just get that feeling that they're putting so much into this that you better put a lot into it too. They've got two cameras on you at a time, and each one represents millions of people staring at you—like, 'Don't f--k this up.'"

And while the pretty pictures and fun fashion in this issue are major selling points, our favorite part of this feature is the way that the stars haven't let fame go to their heads. Rory's sense of responsibility to the audience is still in place, even as he starts picking up more adult roles after several years as a child-actor-slash-indie-darling. And Emma is jumping into bigger projects after a kiddie career on Nickelodeon.

Photos by Marvin Scott Jarrett, Styled by Michelle Reneau (for Emma) and J. Errico (for Rory)

"I loved that part of my life," she said. "A lot of people that were on Disney or Nickelodeon bash it afterwards. And I just think, 'That's what got you your start!' And also, from my experience, it was so fun. It was the calm before the storm."

Will you be watching the careers of these up-and-coming actors?

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