'Glee' Star Heather Morris Teaches Us How To Make A Film

Much like many of my fellow Crushers, I am a fan of "Glee." More specifically, I am a fan of Heather Morris and her scene stealer-tastic performance as Brittany S. Pierce. As such, I'm always on the lookout for extra Heather-oriented goodness, and thanks to a happy coincidence, I recently discovered that she and equally-entertaining roommate/actress Ashley Lendzion have been hard at work on a few film-making projects of their own.

These include the most excellent "Nuthin' but a 'Glee' Thang" video for Funny or Die (which they wrote themselves), as well as two short films, "The Elevator," and the upcoming "Andy Made a Friend."

The video that follows should give you a better idea of just what exactly they're working with. And how much fun they have doing so.

"'The Elevator' is a short film about this guy Nate. He is scared of elevators, and he sees this girl one day [played by Heather] and he keeps seeing her on the elevator, and he can't seem to find her anywhere else," Ashley explained. "His attention is shifted towards her because her cell phone ringtone is his go-to karaoke song. He doesn't know what to do, and he recruits the help of his crazy roommate, Louise, played by me, she tries to coax him through and get him on an elevator."

In describing their writing process, the ladies joked that their ideas come from the same place.

"She's the brains," Heather said of Ashley, adding, "We share a brain. It works out."

Heather and Ashley then playfully demonstrated their brainstorming "process" for me, which included drawing pictures and yelling out random ideas back and forth.

"With writing, we were just bouncing [ideas off each other]," Heather said.

"We knew exactly the story we wanted to go with, so that was really easy to write," Ashley said of "The Elevator." "Which is awesome, because that can be hard, writing with someone else."

"The Elevator" is making the festival rounds, but for those who want to see more of the film, you can visit Ashley's website and YouTube channel, as well as the short film's Facebook page.

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