'Gossip Girl' Star Taylor Momsen Talks, Um, Gossip

Taylor Momsen is one busy little starlet, as she's currently on hiatus from "Gossip Girl" to pursue her rock dreams as the lead singer of The Pretty Reckless. Over the last few years, Taylor has certainly made a name for herself thanks to her singing chops, acting chops and some interesting sound bites that sometimes leave fans scratching their heads.

But TV's Little J says that she thinks people who judge her based on some cleverly edited magazine features aren’t really getting the full picture. "I'm sure anyone in the public eye would say there's misconceptions about them," she explained to us recently. "I think most of what's written about me is not accurate, but I'm talking tabloid stuff. I also think that people that read tabloids know that it's for entertainment and know that it's not real and it's gossip."

Taylor does say that there's a reason, sometimes, her words in print look a bit, um, funny. "But I do think I'm kind of scattered brained and my mind's going 100 miles per minute, so a lot of the time I say something and it comes out wrong, and it's not what I meant or my quotes will get misconstrued," she said. "So it's definitely spun in a way to create a story a lot of the time. I think people know that. Hopefully, like I've always said, you don’t have to like me personally, but give the record a chance. You might like the music."

Taylor released her debut album, Light It Up, last week.

Do you think Taylor Momsen is misunderstood?