Taylor Lautner And Lily Collins Dish On Their 'Steamy' Make-Outs In 'Abduction'

If the "Twilight" movies have taught us anything about Taylor Lautner, it's that he's one seriously built dude and he sure knows how to make the ladies swoon.

Luckily, the hunky star will be showing off those assets again (no, not just his abs) for his upcoming mystery thriller "Abduction." The actor recently sat down with us for "MTV First: Taylor Lautner," in which he discussed, among other things, what it was like locking lips with his co-star (and rumored girlfriend) Lily Collins.

It seems Taylor, who joked that making out on-screen with his beautiful leading lady was "so unfortunate," takes kissing for the cameras in stride. "It depends on the person, your vibe together," he told MTV News about movie smooches. "Because sometimes it totally can be awkward."

That didn't seem to be the case with Lily, as Taylor explained, "If you're in the moment and you're literally living these characters and you just forget about everything else." The "Abduction" star went on to say that his kisses with Lily were anything but awkward and were, as he put it, "fine." (Quick aside: Just "fine"? From the looks of that trailer smooch, we have to believe it was better than fine.)

For her part, Lily seemed to enjoy herself too (though, how could she not?). When MTV News caught up with Lily earlier, she discussed both Taylor's role as Nathan, a young man with a lost identity who faces some extreme obstacles ("[It's] a complete departure from Jacob [Black]" she explained) and their very intimate time together on-screen.

In the movie, Lily and Taylor play high school classmates that, as she told us, have "some awkward past that is eluded to." After the two reunite for a class project, both their lives turn upside down when she goes on the run with him. Their relationship, as the actress put it, has elements of "romance, but also partner in crime."

And while, sadly, she tells fans that "Abduction," isn't "about him taking his shirt off," she soon added, "That's not to say that there's not some steamy moments!"

After hearing Lily's kind words about her co-star, Taylor said with a laugh, "I'm blushing a little bit." Then he returned the favor.

He admitted he didn't really know Lily before working with her, but said of her performance as Karen, the young woman who is "on this whole journey with Nathan": "She blew me away, she was awesome, she's extremely talented." Jeez, you two, get a room!

"Abduction" opens in theaters on September 23.

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